Name Croatian Linux Users' Group (CLUG)

Hrvatska udruga Linux korisnika (HULK)
Croatian Society for Open Systems and Internet (HrOpen)

Hrvatska udruga za otvorene sustave i Internet (HrOpen)
Date of Establishment: 1996
Type of support provided: Dissemination, exchange of information, localisation of FLOSS software and organization of conferences and FLOSS professional meetings.
Education and training in the field of open systems and FLOSS, exchange of information, organization of conferences.
Description Croatian Linux Users' Group is a non-profit association which promotes development and usage of GNU/Linux and other FLOSS in Croatia since 1996. The association is recognised as a central place for counselling, usage and popularization of Linux operating system. It maintains central Linux portal in Croatia (, organises annual Linux convention (, localises Linux, OpenOffice and other popular FLOSS. HULK is also involved in the creation of Croatian Linux distribution 'HRID' and development of FLOSS.
Croatian Society for Open Systems and Internet (HrOpen) is a non-profit IT society established in 1992. Society's goal is to promote and foster usage and development of open systems and Internet in Croatia. HrOpen presents benefits of FLOSS and promotes usage of standards in informatics. It organises annual 'Open Systems Days' conference and consults institutions and firms in migration to FLOSS and standard-compliant IT infrastructure. Since 2006, HrOpen provides education and training in the field of open systems and FLOSS to primary and secondary schools in Croatia and, with deep roots in academic community, builds its capacity for managing academic FLOSS-related projects. In partnership with HULK, it contributes to recognition of IT profession in Croatia and development of information society.