Central State Administrative Office for e-Croatia, Croatian Linux Users' Group and Croatian Society for Open Systems and Internet announces the biggest and oldest Croatian conference on Linux and open systems:

Open systems days / Linux users conference 2008
Zagreb, 16-18.4.2008.

The first two days will be conference days, and on the third day, half-day seminars and workshops will be held by foreign and local lecturers. The official language of the conference is Croatian, excluding foreign lecturers' lectures. Those will be held in English.

Authors are invited to submit their work (lectures or workshops) in the following subject areas:

Everything, of course, with the attribute "open"!

All other information is available: by email:, tel./fax. (01)6129-660, and by mail: DORS/CLUC 2008, HrOpen, FER, Unska 3, 10000 Zagreb.